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We understand that for many businesses, they need a hosting provider that is flexible to their requirements. With IPv4 becoming more and more saturated, many hosting providers are cutting back from providing these. We know however, they are critical for services which need them such as SSL certificates, VPS requirements & some say even SEO optimization. All we ask is you tell us in advance of ordering how many IP addresses you may need now or in the future so we can create your account at a datacentre that has this capability

Perfect For:

SSL Certificates

PositiveEmail Reputation

SNIBrowser Incompatibility

Get a Dedicated IP Address Today It's a simple & easy process

3 Simple Steps

Follow these steps to get a dedicated IP

  • 1) First, check if you can order a dedicated IP directly by going to “My Services” then clicking on a Hosting, VPS or Dedicated Plan. Then click “Addons” and check if “Dedicated IP” is available. If so, purchase, checkout and your IP will be sent to you within 72 hours.
  • 2) If your service does not permit you to get a dedicated IP automatically, we’ll need to add this on manually. Create a support ticket with our technical support team and ask for one. As per ICANN requirements, you must state the reason for the request: i.e. SSL certificate installation
  • 3) Our team will then generate you an invoice ; Once this is paid, you should receive your dedicated IP shortly
  • If you are requesting multiple dedicated IP addresses, you must contact us PRIOR to ordering hosting, a VPS or dedicated server so we can ensure we can place you at a datacentre with availability.

Choose from a range of different IP Blocks

IP Block IP Usable Addresses Subnet Mask
/32 1
/31 2
/30 4
/29 8
/28 16
/27 32
/26 64