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Sky Host Web Solutions takes into consideration the requirements of different businesses & personal clients specifications, and from feedback, many client’s wanted personal quotes to meet the demands of their own specification. Therefore we’ve decided to offer a quote-me service. Quote-Me is a service for all new & existing clients which allows you to develop your own personal package designed to suit your budget by talking to an account manager online or through our messaging system

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Get a Quote Now It's simple and easy to get a quote

6 Simple Steps

Follow these steps to get a quote

  • 1) Simply Click on the link above and chat to a Quote-Me Account Manager.
  • 2) Let them know what specification you  need; i.e. hard drive space, bandwidth
  • 3) Tell them your budget; Our Advisor will try to create a package that meets your budget.
  • 4) If your satisfied with the quote, let our agent know and they will add the quote to your account.
  • 5) When Your ready, Go to your account, Click “Quotes”, Accept the quote and make payment.
  • 6) Your Account will be setup within 48 hours.
  • Should you find an account manager unavailable and the live chat is offline, it will give you the opportunity to leave us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can